Format: YA Novel
Status: Revising

Traumatized by his father’s death and his older brother’s deployment, fifteen 
year-old Fitzy finds protection and guidance within the crease of a Mohawk lacrosse team, but when the team’s leading defenseman and Fitzy’s best friend dies on a smuggling run, Fitzy must discover the confidence and strength within himself to step out of the crease.

Format: YA Novel
Status: Work-In-Progress

When high school senior Vivian Fay is forced to volunteer as a Hospice worker to fulfill a graduation requirement, she knows she’ll be witnessing many deaths over the next six months. What she doesn’t anticipate is that each of those deaths will be her own.
Assigned to Alzheimer’s patient Doc Collins, Vivian agrees to keep a dream journal to humor the ailing man who claims to recognize her from a previous life. When Doc diagnoses her recurring nightmares as repressed memories of former lives cut short by brutal murders, Vivian starts to see connections between her life and the lives of her death dreams. Weeks of insomnia, talk of reincarnation, and threats from a secret admirer force her to take a closer look at Doc’s warnings, but the more Vivian digs into her distant past, the more resistance she meets from those closest to Doc, especially his former patient and self-proclaimed protector, William Pemberley. 
Armed with only her dream journal and Doc’s theory that her killer always strikes after she falls in love, Vivian fights to ignore her growing attraction to William while investigating century-old clues to learn who wants her dead and why killing her once is never enough. But when her sister is hurt in an accident meant for her, Vivian and William can no longer deny the danger she’s in or the depths of their feelings. With time running out, they race to uncover the clues buried deep within her nightmares to find Vivian’s killer in this lifetime before the killer finds her.

Format: YA Novel
Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux
Status: Forthcoming, Spring 2017
SOLDIER BOY follows the harrowing journeys of two boys scarred by 
war in Uganda. In 1986, after witnessing the murder of his family, fourteen 
year-old Ricky faces an uncertain future at the hands of Joseph Kony and the Lord's Resistance Army. In 2006, Samuel, an eleven year-old boy recovering at 
the Friends of Orphans Center, fights to hide the truth behind his injury and his past with Kony's LRA. Separated by two decades of war, Ricky and Samuel must discover if trust can survive years of captivity, if hope can exist in the darkest corners of hell, and if one boy's story can guide thousands home. 

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Coming Spring 2017!
Soldier Boy
by Keely Hutton

Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR)

ISBN-10: 0374305633
ISBN-13: 978-0374305635

To learn more about the Friends of Orphans Center please visit their website HERE.
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Author’s Note:
Read how Ricky and Keely met and Soldier Boy came to be HERE.